Sewer Baiting

Positive Environmental have now commenced a sewer baiting programme in Bromsgrove District on behalf of Worcestershire Regulatory Services.

Funded by Severn Trent Water the programme is designed to control rats at source, sewers being a major cause of rats in the environment.

Sewer Baiting

Technician Steve Green, part of a 2 man team undertaking the sewer baiting programme, and discovery of a sewer blocked with soil and rubble.

Sewer Baiting

Sewer blocked with soil and rubble.

Sewers provide a natural habitat for rats and they will migrate out of the sewer. Rats can also cause structural damage to sewers and spread disease, so controlling the rat population in the sewers is a worthwhile exercise to minimise the risk they present.

The baiting exercise sometimes identifies other issues, such as this photograph showing a build up of soil and rubble in this manhole. The flow was fully obstructed and indicates a hole in the sewer.

Its not always a pleasant job, but sunshine helps!